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March 21, 2017


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The OpenHDR Viewer is a web app enabling online display and storage of high dynamic range imagery.


High dynamic range or 'HDR' images are files which contain a wider range of brights and darks than standard monitors have been able to display since the dawn of the home computer. The easily visible difference between a dark room and a bright window has previously been out of the scope of a screen to reproduce. While cameras have advanced to the point where they can capture this information, users have been restricted to so-called tone mapping in order to display it - manipulating the image in a low dynamic range to preserve detail. This is what most people understand by the letters "HDR".

Full range, preserved

But the advent of consumer HDR displays means that wider dynamic range formats are poised to hit the mainstream, and no existing image hosting website has the capability to display them. The OpenHDR Viewer permits advanced HDR image viewing, which has previously been confined to professional applications and technical tools, from within any modern web browser. The range in the image can be explored within the browser, and tone mappers can be chosen dynamically by the user. And when HDR home displays are common, the images will be ready to be viewed on them.


OpenHDR is an international academic collaboration which has produced the OpenHDR Viewer, the first image hosting website capable of storing and displaying true high dynamic range (HDR) content in the browser. Images can be uploaded in the industry standard full range formats of EXR and Radiance .hdr files, and tone mappings can be performed and shared from within the browser.


The OpenHDR Viewer currently has users from many fields, from scientific research to film production. It is ideally suited to viewing the high-fidelity images rendered using computer graphics. However, it is equally at home displaying the results of HDR photography.

Medical imagery is routinely stored in HDR formats however these images cannot be quickly displayed and shared using currently available tools. The OpenHDR Viewer allows imagery to be shared with simply a web link and without the requirement to install any software (a difficult ask in many managed IT environments).


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Visualisation Group, Warwick Manufacturing Group
The OpenHDR Viewer was developed by a team working at the University of Warwick's WMG Visualisation Group.

Department of Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University
The project is a collaboration with students from the CEng department at METU.


Dr Jon Hatchett

Dr Josh McNamee

Fatih Bakir

Göksu Güvendiren

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